Political Mashup - Proceedings

The purpose of this webpage is to provide a description and entry point to the proceedings data contained within the Political Mashup project.


All available proceedings data is stored in an XML database, and formatted according to a schema.

More information about the schema can be found here.

All proceedings data is valid according to a RelaxNG schema and a Schematron schema. The schematron schema is able to generate errors and warnings. Errors are caused by wrong datatypes, bad cross references, or mistakes in the document structure, and result in the document being invalid. Warnings are caused by mistakes in the source document and still validate the document.


Data is retrievable with the use of the resolver. The resolver takes as input an id, and returns as output the corresponding XML file or fragment.

The id's are tree based, with the tree depth indicated by numbers and separated by dots. The root of the identifier is unique for a specific document. See the following examples:

http://resolver.politicalmashup.nl/nl.proc.ob.d.h-tk-20112012-2- (paragraph level)

http://resolver.politicalmashup.nl/nl.proc.ob.d.h-tk-20112012-2- (speech level)

http://resolver.politicalmashup.nl/nl.proc.ob.d.h-tk-20112012-2-2.1.21 (scene level)

http://resolver.politicalmashup.nl/nl.proc.ob.d.h-tk-20112012-2-2.1 (topic level)

http://resolver.politicalmashup.nl/nl.proc.ob.d.h-tk-20112012-2-2 (entire document)

Because XML is not easily human readible, we provide an XSLT transformation script to transform the XML file into an HTML file, which is easy to display in any browser. In order to use the XSLT script for nicer display, append ?view=html to the URL for the resolver.


Data - Netherlands

Source Date range Completeness Reliability
http://www.statengeneraaldigitaal.nl 1814-05-02 - 1994-12-31 Complete with all proceedings available at 2011-03-17 Unknown
https://zoek.officielebekendmakingen.nl 1995-01-01 - 2012-04-04 Complete for all proceedings available at 2012-04-19 Unknown

A dynamically generated table with all filenames and descriptions can be found here. The filelist can be generated in different formats.

Data Cross References

pm:member-refpm:speech, pm:scene99.5%Speakers were matched to the member database with the reported speakername, party, and meeting date. OCR errors were manually corrected with the help of regular expressions if the error was unambiguous.
pm:party-refpm:speech, pm:scene99.5%The party reference was extracted from the party membership data from the member database.

Data Statistics

Data elementCount