Political Mashup - Members

The purpose of this webpage is to provide a description and entry point to the member data contained within the Political Mashup project.


All data we have on members is stored in an XML database, and formatted according to a schema.

More information about the schema can be found here.

All member data is valid according to a RelaxNG schema and a Schematron schema. The schematron schema is able to generate errors and warnings. Errors are caused by wrong datatypes, bad cross references, or mistakes in the document structure, and result in the document being invalid. Warnings are caused by mistakes in the source document, such as a 'from' date later than a 'till' date, and still validate the document.

All schematron results are summarized here.


Data is retrievable with the use of the resolver. The resolver takes as input a member id, and returns as output an XML file containing all data that is available for that specific party.


Because XML is not easily human readible, we provide an XSLT transformation script to transform the XML file into an HTML file, which is easy to display in any browser. In order to use the XSLT script for nicer display, append ?view=html to the URL for the resolver.


Data fields - Netherlands

Date field Primary source Completeness Reliability
Name PDC A total of 3573 named politicians. Complete for all members referenced in sgd proceedings (1930-1995) Unknown
  • PDC
  • PM: Spelling variations found in the proceedings
  • PM: Spelling variations due to OCR mistakes
Complete for all parties referenced in proceedings (1930-1995) All additions have been manually checked by PM at the time they were added
DcRelation PM All files refer to distinct members Since we use PDC data to identify members, it is possible that if PDC has two identifiers refering to the same person, then we do this, too
Personal PDC

Members with gender specified: 3575

Members with birth information: 3574

Member without birth information: nl.m.00683

Members with deceased information: 2498

Members with birth place but without birth date: 11

Members with birth place but without birth date: nl.m.00341 nl.m.00375 nl.m.00960 nl.m.01093 nl.m.01502 nl.m.02093 nl.m.03104 nl.m.04108 nl.m.04129 nl.m.04174 nl.m.04345

Members without birth place but with birth date: 0

Members with deceased place but without deceased date: 0

Members without deceased place but with deceased date: 1

Members without deceased place but with deceased date: nl.m.00452

  • PM: Wikipedia, PDC links
  • PentaPolitica:RSS, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr links

PDC: 3575

Photo (PDC): 3036

Wikipedia: 2152 (foreign language wikipedia entries have been added for these members as well, if they were referenced on the dutch wikipedia site). See here for an extensive analysis of availability of wikipedia pages for Dutch politicians.

RSS Blog feed: 117

Twitter: 98

YouTube: 6

Flickr: 2

Links to Dutch Wikipedia have been automatically assessed by PM. It was verified that the wikipedia page either had a link to the politician's PDC site, or was categorised (with tags or certain keywords) as a politician. The last, weaker, form of verification was only permitted if there were no other people with the same name tagged as politician. A missing wikipedia link indicates that it either did not exist, the URL was not easily constructed from the politician's name, or was not automatically verifiable.

Links to RSS, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr will be manually checked by PM in the near future. Links to wikipedia may be missing if the URL is not easily constructed from the politician's name

Biographies PDC Members with a biography: 3575 Unknown, data automatically collected by PM on 2012-02-14
Curriculum PDC

Members with function(s) on their curriculum: 3575

Members with education(s) on their curriculum: 3269

Unknown, data automatically collected by PM on 2012-02-14
Memberships PDC

Members with at least one membership: 3575

Memberships are linked to a political party with the pm:party-ref attribute.

If a combination of party name and date could not be matched with the data collected from DNPP, a party stub was created and referenced to. Exceptions are listed here.

Unknown, data automatically collected by PM on 2012-02-14

Links to Members with social media links

Flickr: nl.m.03226 nl.m.03228

YouTube: nl.m.02317 nl.m.02657 nl.m.03149 nl.m.03226 nl.m.03228 nl.m.03250

RSS Blog feed: nl.m.01639 nl.m.02200 nl.m.02207 nl.m.02211 nl.m.02212 nl.m.02220 nl.m.02221 nl.m.02226 nl.m.02244 nl.m.02251 nl.m.02257 nl.m.02258 nl.m.02301 nl.m.02303 nl.m.02308 nl.m.02317 nl.m.02335 nl.m.02336 nl.m.02337 nl.m.02339 nl.m.02342 nl.m.02368 nl.m.02373 nl.m.02396 nl.m.02401 nl.m.02403 nl.m.02404 nl.m.02410 nl.m.02412 nl.m.02414 nl.m.02415 nl.m.02416 nl.m.02422 nl.m.02441 nl.m.02442 nl.m.02455 nl.m.02462 nl.m.02464 nl.m.02467 nl.m.02529 nl.m.02536 nl.m.02541 nl.m.02611 nl.m.02657 nl.m.02793 nl.m.02940 nl.m.02993 nl.m.02995 nl.m.03025 nl.m.03035 nl.m.03039 nl.m.03052 nl.m.03054 nl.m.03059 nl.m.03061 nl.m.03062 nl.m.03063 nl.m.03065 nl.m.03068 nl.m.03070 nl.m.03071 nl.m.03072 nl.m.03074 nl.m.03075 nl.m.03076 nl.m.03078 nl.m.03079 nl.m.03081 nl.m.03082 nl.m.03084 nl.m.03085 nl.m.03086 nl.m.03092 nl.m.03094 nl.m.03095 nl.m.03096 nl.m.03099 nl.m.03100 nl.m.03102 nl.m.03104 nl.m.03105 nl.m.03106 nl.m.03108 nl.m.03114 nl.m.03122 nl.m.03124 nl.m.03125 nl.m.03128 nl.m.03129 nl.m.03132 nl.m.03133 nl.m.03149 nl.m.03153 nl.m.03154 nl.m.03179 nl.m.03187 nl.m.03188 nl.m.03189 nl.m.03190 nl.m.03191 nl.m.03192 nl.m.03202 nl.m.03203 nl.m.03205 nl.m.03220 nl.m.03221 nl.m.03224 nl.m.03225 nl.m.03226 nl.m.03228 nl.m.03229 nl.m.03231 nl.m.03246 nl.m.03250 nl.m.03252 nl.m.09325 nl.m.16075

Twitter: nl.m.01639 nl.m.02204 nl.m.02211 nl.m.02212 nl.m.02218 nl.m.02220 nl.m.02221 nl.m.02245 nl.m.02246 nl.m.02252 nl.m.02258 nl.m.02301 nl.m.02302 nl.m.02306 nl.m.02308 nl.m.02317 nl.m.02324 nl.m.02335 nl.m.02337 nl.m.02368 nl.m.02403 nl.m.02414 nl.m.02416 nl.m.02422 nl.m.02441 nl.m.02442 nl.m.02462 nl.m.02464 nl.m.02467 nl.m.02510 nl.m.02541 nl.m.02657 nl.m.02793 nl.m.02920 nl.m.02963 nl.m.02993 nl.m.02995 nl.m.03039 nl.m.03045 nl.m.03048 nl.m.03058 nl.m.03059 nl.m.03062 nl.m.03064 nl.m.03065 nl.m.03068 nl.m.03069 nl.m.03072 nl.m.03074 nl.m.03075 nl.m.03078 nl.m.03079 nl.m.03082 nl.m.03085 nl.m.03090 nl.m.03092 nl.m.03095 nl.m.03099 nl.m.03100 nl.m.03111 nl.m.03114 nl.m.03117 nl.m.03122 nl.m.03132 nl.m.03149 nl.m.03152 nl.m.03153 nl.m.03186 nl.m.03188 nl.m.03189 nl.m.03190 nl.m.03191 nl.m.03192 nl.m.03201 nl.m.03202 nl.m.03203 nl.m.03204 nl.m.03205 nl.m.03220 nl.m.03225 nl.m.03226 nl.m.03227 nl.m.03228 nl.m.03229 nl.m.03231 nl.m.03234 nl.m.03241 nl.m.03243 nl.m.03245 nl.m.03246 nl.m.03250 nl.m.03251 nl.m.03252 nl.m.03253 nl.m.03254 nl.m.09325 nl.m.16052 nl.m.16075