# toolbox.rnc is a collection of rnc files. These rnc files contain definitions that can be used by other schemas.
# By including toolbox.rnc in a schema, that schema gets access to all predefined elements and attributes.
# The purpose of toolbox.rnc is to prevent double definitions, and to facilitate code reuse.

include "commonvalues.rnc"          # value types used to restrict attribute or element content
include "sourceattributes.rnc"      # provenance of the content of the parent element and all its descendants
include "mediaattributes.rnc"       # reference to associated media content
include "politicalattributes.rnc"   # attributes to identify speaker, role, and location
include "commonattributes.rnc"      # identifier, references to identifiers, and common attributes
include "foreign.rnc"               # allowing foreign elements, attributes
include "tagged.rnc"                # tagging of entities
include "stagedirection.rnc"        # stagedirections contain information regarding votes, chairman changes, references to papers, or page layout elements
include "paragraph.rnc"             # paragraphs (p's) are  text with stage-directions and tags at arbitrary places
include "names.rnc"                 # names of persons and parties
include "datetime.rnc"              # dates and date ranges (periods)
include "links.rnc"                 # links
include "language.rnc"              # ISO639-2 language codes
include "speech.rnc"                # speeches in proceedings
include "vote.rnc"                  # votes, partly specific dutch. Needs to be made more general and with english nomenclature
include "actor.rnc"                 # used in meta.rnc (to list the speakers of the proceedings) and vote.rnc (to register individual vote results)
include "relation.rnc"              # used in meta.rnc and in the 3th child of root to denote OWL relations
include "DutchSpecificDataValues.rnc" # used in meta.rnc; DutchDocEntityRelationType, DutchDocumentType en DutchIdentifier